Tinker's Gallery
Tinker is 3 1/2 lbs at full
growth. He is Chantilly Lace
and Cookie's , 1st  puppy.
He is so little , and full of
personality, I had to keep him
for myself !
Malteez-yu Maltese is a superior
producer of purebred Maltese
as well as a reliable stud service
for a discerning home breeder
background :
by  patty terry
Favored by Aristocracy
"Ye ancient Dogge of Malta"
as they were called many
centuries ago, Maltese
through the years have been
gifts for royalty, lap
companions, and comforters,
and sought after for their
owners' pleasure and
amusement. They enjoyed
tremendous popularity by
the aristocracy because of
their elegance and beauty.
Many people long ago
thought that they could put
the little dogs right next to
them at the end of their beds
when they were ill, and the
Maltese would have healing
and comforting qualities.
They are still today prized as
small companion animals,
best friends and comforters,
always gentle-mannered,
affectionate, and amusing!  

From the Westminister
Kennel Club
" Feed whats natural for a dog and what they
absolutely love and crave"
Challenge Fund
"Food Pet's Die For" by Ann
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Green Tripe Analysis

Protein 13.33%  
Fat 12.75%  
Crude Fiber 2.99%  
Moisture 72.24%  
Calcium 0.1%  
Phosphorous 0.13%  
Lactic Acid Bacteria 2,900,000 gm
pH 6.84
Ash 1.25%
Calories  424 cal / cup  
Iron 126.4 mg/kg  
Potassium 0.14%  
Managnese 25.7 mg/kg  
Zinc 23.11 mg/kg  
Selenium 0.31 mg/kg
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your home
Martha Stewart and Dr.Marty
Goldstein DVM